Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ready or Not!

I think it is time to admit that I have failed at the 30 for 30... Although I did make it farther than 14 outfits I did not make the time to post them or take pictures for that matter. I will also admit that I did not realize how much work does into make a blog work! With that being said I am ready to start blogging again. Here's a look back at the past month that you missed!
This is my little Family! Me Ryan and Betsie...
I think she is still upset with me because I got her hair trimmed a little short! (this is an 30 for 30 outfit... I'm counting it as my #15 so I have officially completed half of the challenge! woop woop)
Christmas Sunday has always been a big deal in our family. It goes without saying that you have to wear not only your "Sunday Best" but it better be festive! And don't even think about changing when we get home until we have taken the popular "stand in front of the bushes outside for a picture" picture. You can bet after this we all headed inside for our "play clothes" (since I was little we have always called the clothes that you put on after church your "play clothes" and still at 24 I still call them that.)
This is my younger sister Kelsey and her fiance Hunter. They got engaged on New Years Eve. He didn't tell me. He is in trouble. I was in New Orleans and didn't get to see her or the ring for a week. Not cool Hunter not cool. On a lighter note I am so happy for them! The planning has already started and she has a blog too so everyone should go and check it out!! www.duren-swanzy-wedding.blogspot.com 

For New Years we went to New Orleans, which is quickly becoming our home away from home, with a few friends to bring in the New Year! It was a blast as usual. I love New Orleans for many reasons but Magazine Street is starting to rank as my #1! Since me and Ryan live in a small town we love being in a larger city. I love being able to walk down a street and there be little boutiques and vintage clothing and thrift stores. Or different kinds of cafe's and restaurants. Magazine Street is one of my favorite areas of New Orleans. Jean Therapy is one of my favorite little boutiques. They carry great jeans and tops but they have unique New Orleans Saints T-shirts that are so great! You will not find any other T's like this and they also carry men's which means Ryan can shop too... SCORE! 
The Funky Monkey is another great shop! This vintage clothing/ costume store has already picked through the clothes that your grandmother would wear and only offer the best in vintage/thrift store goods! The costume part of the store is great to look through too. I found two great little dresses for about $20 a piece which was a steal! I'm sure you will see them pop up on here sooner or later. 
Ok so I might get a few weird looks for posting Whole Foods on my list of favorite things in New Orleans/ Magazine Street but Oh My Goodness I have never been in a Whole foods before and I just wanted to start grabbing all those fresh ingredients right off the shelf and start cooking up a storm! Which would have been terrible because our hotel room didn't even have a micro wave but hey I wanted to! Instead I grabbed some sushi which made up for me not being able to take advantage of all the other greatness in the store. Sushi usually does that to me! 
I have noticed that this is getting to be an extremely LONG post but hey I haven't posted in  week. 
Lebanon Cafe is where we ate our last night there. We almost didn't go. I am so glad that we did. I have never had Lebanese food before which includes Hummus. It was so great! Hummus is a permanent item now in our fridge... along with some whole wheat pita bread it makes for a great low calorie snack/meal.

I had heard about Pinkberry before, so when the girls at dinner mentioned going there after for some frozen yogurt I was so excited. I am not sure if I can put into words how great Pinkberry is! I had the original with some fresh fruit. Pomegranate, raspberries, and strawberries. It was absolutely out of this world! If you have not tasted it and have the chance to... DO IT! 

Well there you go. You are now up to date on my non-posting month! I can not promise that I will post every day... but I promise to try harder than I have been to keeping this blog up to date. 
Happy 1-11-11!


  1. love your black and white ensemble above! very cute and chic! sorry about the 30 for 30... maybe next time!! (:

  2. Hi Whitney! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! The blog was just getting to be a lot of work and I needed a break~haha! I may pick it up again soon.
    Pinkberry is my absolute favorite! And I LOVE your outfit by the way!