Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well the past two weeks have been crazy busy! My sister got engaged, we planned a surprised engagement party and managed to keep it a surprise, and left for West Virginia to go on a family Ski Trip! Which is where I am not. I am actually in a little corner of our ski lodge because I have zero cell phone service and the wifi is barely holding up my internet connection! Here's a few photos! 

Well there you go. You are officially up to date! And yes that is the closest thing that I brought on the trip that even remotely looked like an outfit... and I love it. This is the first trip I have been on in years where I didn't bring a single pair of heels. I actually only brought two pair of shoes. Boots and tennis shoes. My husband was so proud.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Late Night

So this outfit was actually from last week. This might break some blogging rules but whats really funny is that I wore a different version of this same outfit today! So we can count it as today's outfit too! See now everyone's happy!

So everyone is familiar with Pinterest now right? OK good. Oh and your obsessed to? And every sentence that you say starts with "So I saw this thing on Pinterest" No, just me? Dang it. Ok well I started trying some DIY things and I really want to do more things! There are a few things on my list that I really want to try.

1. vinyl clutch: I am constantly switching purses and I love being able to make several different colors. Both look fairly easy so these are both on my list of DIY. Click on the picture to see the blogs and tutorials. 

2. Tailoring Trousers: I have so many pants/jeans that are no longer in style. Even though they are still in great shape they are just out of style and probably never fit properly in the first place! I think tailoring them would be a great idea. I mean what do I have to lose? This tutorial looks like it will be a easy to try and even comes with a video!

3. Sew a Maxi Skirt: This skirt looks so comfy! I think this will be a great skirt no matter what the occasion. I also love this color. This tutorial is great too and makes the sewing look like a breeze.  We shall see. 

See what Pinterest does! I think about making all these great things then I get home at night and blog about them instead of making them. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feature: Audrey Mae

This is Audrey Mae, the 5th sister in our family of Six girls. In the past year Audrey has gone from wearing only soccer shorts and flip flops to this! Yes this post is making me feel extremely old! She is a freshman in high school and a starter for the varsity soccer team... GO VIKIINGS! She had the hardest abs I have ever seen on a 15 year old, she is constantly laughing, and dancing. When she was younger my mom was constantly telling her to "stop moving your hips like that!"

Here is a little on her style:
Whats your favorite place to shop? Forever21
What is your favorite thing to wear right now? Leggings, Boots, and Nike shorts (Not worn together I hope!)
What is one thing that you are ready to wear for Spring and Summer? a bikini! (I would too if I had her abs!)

There she is, Audrey Mae, our dancing, soccer playing, and bikini wearing sister. 
You can follow her here on Twitter @MaeBell22

Monday, February 13, 2012

Church Clothes

Every Saturday night whenever I was little my mom would make us go lay out our church clothes. I also without fail always had a run in my panty hose and with six girls there never seemed to be a good pair of panty hose...ever. 
I wore this to church Sunday and I had to talk myself out of wearing it to work today. I love this outfit. These shoes have been in my closet for three years and I never wear them. It was like getting a free pair of new shoes! Score.
Also please excuse my laughing in these pictures. There was an extremely nosy woman that just could not figure out what we were doing! 

Oh hey there Handsome!
Ryan likes his picture take every now and then too!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love Hate


Me and white shirts have a love hate relationship. I love white shirts, white shirts hate me. Today I feel like I made a break though in my career of wearing white shirts. I managed to eat tomato soup without one spilled drop! It is also a break through that I didn't get home with some kind of pen mark, makeup smudge, or dirt from my car spot. Look who's growing up! Tomorrows Friday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I just realized that I wore blue two days in a row. This is probably broken some fashion rule but you know what at 6 am when its still dark outside and I'm tripping over what seems like every pair of shoes that I own I just grabbed the first thing that didn't need ironing. Whats even worse. This actually should have been ironed. Oh well I think I will claim this as my casual outfit for the week.  I'll do better tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue. Again

I seem to be purchasing a lot of blue pieces lately. This dress may be one of my favorite work dresses now and I originally purchased it for a semi formal event. It has a low back and large sleeves but with this navy blazer on top you cant tell and ta da remixed!