Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feature: Audrey Mae

This is Audrey Mae, the 5th sister in our family of Six girls. In the past year Audrey has gone from wearing only soccer shorts and flip flops to this! Yes this post is making me feel extremely old! She is a freshman in high school and a starter for the varsity soccer team... GO VIKIINGS! She had the hardest abs I have ever seen on a 15 year old, she is constantly laughing, and dancing. When she was younger my mom was constantly telling her to "stop moving your hips like that!"

Here is a little on her style:
Whats your favorite place to shop? Forever21
What is your favorite thing to wear right now? Leggings, Boots, and Nike shorts (Not worn together I hope!)
What is one thing that you are ready to wear for Spring and Summer? a bikini! (I would too if I had her abs!)

There she is, Audrey Mae, our dancing, soccer playing, and bikini wearing sister. 
You can follow her here on Twitter @MaeBell22

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