Wednesday, December 8, 2010

14 of 30

This is another bargain shirt that I bought in Dallas last year when I was there for New Years. Its from Forever 21 (I'm starting to feel like the spokeswomen for them!) but I have never seen a Forever 21 this big in my life! I will take a minute for everyone to make fun of the country girl... ok that's long enough. Seriously though my friend and I walked by and started drooling at the two story store filled with all the cheaply made clothes a girl could ask for! This of course turned our husbands into immediate zombies looking for the nearest bench! Well that was a useless story about this shirt. One more outfit and I'm half way there!! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed but I promise to finish strong!!

Happy Hump Day People!!


  1. Seeing your last few posts has made me really sad about not having a cute blazer. It totally completes your outfits!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. We are enjoying your outfits and great comments. Especially the one about your rotten baby sister. I second what you had to say.