Tuesday, December 7, 2010

11, 12, and 13

Well it finally feels like Winter in South Mississippi! Which is why all of my pictures are inside! I just don't see how some of ya'll are still taking pictures outside! Especially when I can see snow on the ground... it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. I think living in the south has made me a baby towards cold weather. I think its freezing when its 50 degrees out. But really it was freezing last night, which meant my husband left all the water in the house dripping so it wouldn't freeze out pipes. Add that sound to me not being able to stop coughing and it was a long night! 

So I feel so behind! I have seen several people on their last outfit and its making me jealous!

Ok So this outfit I have thought about wearing since we started the remix and it took me 11 outfits to get up the courage. That is because this skirt is actually a shirt! I'm such a rebel I know! The stripped shirt (er skirt) has buttons down the back so it made it easier to wear. Overall I'm pretty excited about this one! 
This sweater is so comfy! What makes it even more comfy is the fact that it was only $4! I love winter clearance racks in the middle of the summer. This sweater is so big it might have to be worn for Christmas... add a pair of stretchy pants and I'm ready for all the food!

This Shirt was a Christmas gift from my Sister last year. Since there are 6 sisters we started pulling names several years back so we just buy for one. My littlest sister is the easiest to buy for. She's 11 and knows how to use email. She's not one of those people who you ask what they want for Christmas and she says "I don't know" Oh no she pulls out a list. For her birthday I asked her to email me some things that she wanted. She emailed me 2 things (which I got because she's the baby) but they both had links where I could but them and her size and what color. She's spoiled rotten to the core but hey I don't think anyone would have it any other way!

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  1. I like how you made your shirt into a skirt. Your sister sounds like my cousins. :P