Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feature: Katy Lu

Since the weekends usually consist of me trying really hard to not wear anything other than leggings and t-shirts, I thought that I would feature one of my sisters. This is Katy Lu. She's 23 and the 3rd oldest. (there are 6 girls) If there was a sisters that is most like me if would be Katy. She can quote the entire Grinch movie (in the Grinch voice) and works at a Cupcake Boutique as the main baker and manager. 

Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?  
Lotus (a local boutique) and that is where her dress is from. 
What is your favorite item of clothing/shoes? 
My camel knee high boots from Target I wear them with everything and they are my boyfriend’s favorite. :)
What is one thing that is trendy right now that you can't stand? 
Combat boots. I hate them.
How would you describe your style? 
(at this point Katy started singing this) "Fresh and clean when I step out on the scene.” (Yea I have no idea how that describes her style but I guess that's just Katy)
If you were every stranded on an island what is one beauty item that you would take with you? Straightener! I can’t stand frizzy hair!
What are you looking forward to wearing most in the spring? 
Springy dresses and sandals. 

Happy end of the weekend everyone!

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