Friday, January 20, 2012


One major part of my job description is networking. Last night a friend and I went to an event for our area chamber to network. It’s kind of intimidating. Walking around trying to make awkward eye contact with someone before introducing yourself and trying to explain what company you are with. Last nights event was even worse because the space where it was being held was so small and there were so many people. So add having to speak yell at the person you are talking, it takes work people! I try my best to stand out at these events so that I have a better chance of being remembered. “Oh yea that was the lady in the hot pink dress” See how that works. This belt I borrowed from my sister who I got slumber party with last night. That is her and her husband’s dog Major, he likes to sit in your lap like he’s a Yorkie, and he loves pulling me down the street whenever I try to walk him… or him walk me. Good times. 

Jacket: Local Boutique, Dress: Old Navy, Shoes: Steve Madden Belt: Sister Kelsey's (thats my actual sister, not to be confused with a brand) 

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