Monday, November 8, 2010

1 of 30

I know this is only the first day of the challenge but I love it already! OK so the first outfit was easy but I love knowing that I can be creative with just 30 items. This outfit I have worn before, I'm not sure if that is cheating but I'm saying no because I love all these pieces . I do not love how it shrunk and is much shorter now than it was when I bought it. Oh well ad some tights and that fixes that!
Shirt: Limited, Skirt and Belt: F21, Tight: stolen from a sister, Boots: Target
These pictures were really awkward to take. I usually like taking the picture not getting my picture taken! Also I need a class on flattering poses.*Note to self: Google poses that don't make me look like a deer in headlights! My husband was a good sport though, I just hope he last the whole thirty days.

This is my excited face for the first outfit!

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  1. I'm kicking myself for not putting a striped shirt in my line-up! Everyone's going to come up with some super-cute ways to style their stripes! At least I'll have a notebook full of ideas from watching everyone else!

    I also LOOOOVE your boots!

    And yes, ma'am. I was completely out of breath, not only after experiencing my morning, but after writing it, too! PHEW!