Wednesday, November 17, 2010

7 of 30

This outfit made me feel feel like a little kid. I love wearing an outfit that makes me happy. I don't care who looks at me like my hair is 3ft off my head. I love it and that's all that matters. Isn't it funny how when we were little we couldn't wait to grow up and be a "big girl" and now that we are it kind of feels good to put a big flower in your hair and just feel like a kid again. Well it is for me! 

This is my "Holy cow my hair is huge" face! 

Sweater: The Limited, Skirt and Tights: F21, Shoes: Charlotte Russe


  1. I love this fun look! Your hair looks great, and I love the polka dots!

  2. Cute! Those tights look so fun. I've been wanting a pair like that for a while.

  3. Thank you girls. I've been seeing way too many colorful and crazy tights not to try them out.

  4. love this! your hair, the blue/black combo, and those polka dot tights!! looks wonderful!

  5. cute outfits!! I am also doing the challenge and its been fun so far.. look forward to seeing what else you have to wear for the next few weeks!!