Friday, November 12, 2010

4 of 30

Today I was off work! It was such a pretty day and although I didn't really get to spend much time outside I could still tell from the couch that it was a pretty day.I have had a relaxing day to say the least! I seriously have not slept as late as I did in a very long time! It felt great!!  I love days where you don't have anything to do. So yes I should have done laundry today but I figured Hey I can take one day and just lay around right!? 

So I haven't worn this shirt before in the challenge but the front of it is a little dressy for the shorts and flats so I turned the shirt around backwards and I actually like it! I used to do this with dresses whenever I worked for Clinique in the mall. We had to have a certain neck line and alot of my dresses were V neck in the front so I would wear them backwards and put my coat over the top and viola! 
Happy Weekend! 
Oh and yes that is our massive overweight cat sitting in the window!
Sweater: Target, Shirt: F21, Shorts: America Eagle, Shoes: Anne Klein 


  1. I've never thought of wearing my clothes backwards, that is a genius idea, Unfortunately I think most of my items for the challenge are collars, but I shall be having a look to see what I can do. Your shoes are exceptionally cute too

  2. Ha its a little weird but it works sometimes!